Planning and designing a mini balcony or courtyard garden

Containers: You can make your mini garden on the floor of your flat so for planting your plants, you might need some kind of containers in which you can show them, water them and hence, avoid that dirty atmosphere of gardening which occur while planting or watering. There are various kinds of containers available in the market like wood, steel, clay and stone however the price depends accordingly. You can choose any one of them depends on your taste and durability you may like.

Scale: from scale, it relate with plants balance factor, from which the whole look will not look ugly to see. As there are many plants that growth fast and can be sow in the containers but the extremely big plants don not look good in balconies. However, little more in height than usually too small plant can be arranged in large containers. For instance, Bonsai plant and Phaseolus vulgaris compliment small space gardening.

Soil: Yes! soil is extremely important in home gardening, especially when the plantation have been done in containers, as the plants cannot take all those necessary nutrients from the grounds, one need to put soil by itself for better growth of plants. For that, you can purchase specific soils that are available in the market, For instance, mixed soils that can be used for the same.

Watering: off course, watering is the important aspect of gardening, along with watering sunlight rays allows plants to make their food so that they can grow properly, that is why Daily watering is essential and always remember, to make a whole at the bottom of containers so that excess water will flow out while watering.

Fertilizer: Again, fertilizers are important thing to keep in mind while gardening only soil and watering cannot help in the proper growth of plants but the frequent adding of fertilizer like blood meal, bone meal, or fish emulsion helps plants for better growth.

Color: It is true that your creating this mini garden not only for that fresh feel of flowers and plants but also you may want your little garden will compliment the decor of your home, for that you need to specify the colors you may like in your plants and flower. For this, you should know how to blend colors to provide that continuity in the whole look. For instance, pinks, whites, reds, yellows, and purples are nice colors make the look of your mini garden fuller and big.